“I like the way you see!” - B.W.

“You are a witness to history for all of us. And what is most important is that you are a person guided by honesty and integrity.” - V.G.

“That [photograph] stops me in my tracks.” - M.R.

“You have a stunning eye to capture meaning in your photos.” - G.L.

“I love your perspective.” - D.S.

“Your talent, dedication, bravery, and eye for justice helped make these [Oath Keepers] verdicts happen.” - J.S.
“Thank you for seeing and sharing the beauty of our city.” - A.B.

“Thank you for doing this important work.” - S.L.

“Thank you for doing such important work. I saw this yesterday on Inside Edition with your name!” - C.P.

“Each [image] is so unique.” - F.H.

“This [picture] is me embracing my ex boyfriend. You captured a really healing moment - his family is in Ukraine.”  Anonymous

“I learn so much from your photos.” - V.G.

“Thank you for documenting history through your moving photos!” - A.L.

“This picture made my day! I love it!” - B.W.

“Your bravery and consistency amaze me. So inspiring.” - S.B. 

“I loved seeing you and hearing your amazing stories [at a presentation about my travels to document]." - A.L.

“I’ve been following you for a few months now and I love all of your stuff!” - L.M.

“Wow! The reflection and colors are amazing!” - R.B.

“I so appreciate everything you do to bring attention to this and many other important issues, Robyn.”  - A.K.

“My eyes are glued to this picture.” - M.R.

“I saw it on ABC World News Tonight! I yelled out to my husband, ‘They’re showing Robyn’s photo again!’ Always exciting and impactful.”  - E.I.

“Wow, Charm City indeed in these pics.” - D.B.

“Great photo - heartbreaking messages.” - D.B.

“Love your photos. Especially the duck ponds.” - L.K.

“Thank you for being there and documenting this [Women's March]." - P.K.

“Love the way you took this shot.” - M.T.

“This shot is truly a masterpiece.” - R.N.

“You are a great recorder of history.” - W.P.

“You have an amazing heart and an amazing eye.” - C.B.

“Beyond outstanding. Robyn not only are you a talented photographer, but are magical with people!  That is a gift.” S.B.

“That picture draws a different story for each viewer…it’s priceless.” - E.C.

“This makes my heart smile.” - L.A.

“Again, you leave me speechless! So proud of you.” - Mom

“So happy your photo journalism is being recognized but it’s surreal that it’s in this context. You documented history in the making.” - J.C.

“Your imagery continues to serve justice. Thank you.” - M.W.

“You are brave and talented.” - B.W.

“You shared intimate risk and outright danger to document the actual historical insurrection and attempted coup.”  - G.L.

“My hat off to you for your bravery, talent and tenacity.” - B.S.

“You are a Warrior and a phenomenal Photographer. Stay safe.” - R.G.

“Your art is telling and I am glad you are helping the press tell it.” - R.B.

“This took my breath away. Sickening.” - K.Z.

“You really need to be a photographer for a prominent magazine.” - V.D.

“You truly know how to capture a feeling.” - M.T.

“I am so proud of you and grateful to you for sharing your gift with our beloved city. We are lucky to have you.” - K.H.

“Next we’re going to see an entire exhibit of your work at the Baltimore Museum of Art!” - B.B.

“You absolutely capture the moment.” - D.S.

“So proud of you.” - My Dad

“You have a gift my friend. So glad you are using it in such an important way.” - J.S.

“Your work is inspiring.” - M.L.

“Your work is gorgeous and heartfelt.” - S.F.

“I saw the photos, and I got lost in them. Just relived the day again - they are absolutely wonderful!!! I could not have asked for a better capture of such a wonderful day.” - G.L.

“I specifically stalk your page on Preakness Week just because your pictures are always phenomenal.” - J.C.

“You always take the best horse racing pics.” - D.K.

“Your pictures truly capture the true essence of our show.” - B.M.

“If you’re looking for family, graduation, headshots, pet or any kind of photos, my friend Robyn Stevens Brody is an incredible talent!!! Trust me, you want her to photograph you!” - R.T.

“Thank you for your part in shedding light on this travesty!” - W.P.

“These are gorgeous pictures! Thank you for the remembrance of one of my favorite races.” -P.K.

“Robyn Stevens Brody is an incredible professional photographer. Let me know if you need to be connected for senior pics, family pics, etc. You won’t regret it!” - S.K.

“You truly make Baltimore beautiful.” - G.Z.

“Love this shot! How did you get the view?!” - L.P.

“I saw nothing about this on the news. Thank you for sharing these important images.” H.W.

“I see your name on my TV all the time!” - E.S.

“Thank you for serving our country with such courage and with a relentless heart. You were so brave to be there [the Insurrection] - but I knew you would never miss it.” - J.S.

“Your passion is amazing as is your photography. Your images are so inspiring to many others.” - W.P.

“I must sound like a broken record, but I just have to reiterate the hard work, dedication and compassion I you put into each and every photo you take. You’re the best at what you do.” - C.P.

“This [photo] is giving me one of my fondest teaching memories when you used to walk with me and my kindergarten class and the kids would take pictures on iPads of hearts in nature. Thank you for the hearts of Baltimore!” - M.E.

“Very powerful image.” - L.T.

“You are an amazing photographer and documentarian with exquisite timing.” - G.L.

“Such amazing footage of a historic day. Congratulations on your impressive photos. Keep them coming!” - E.V.

“You capture amazing images. So proud of the work you do.” - C.P.

“Thank YOU for bringing so LIFE to the rest of us through your photographs.” - J.S.

“Thank you for sharing New York City with us through your photos.” - S.R.

“You have too much energy. Wow you cover a lot!” - O.D.

“Wonderful photos conveying so much.” - D.O.

“Thanks for sharing such a sweet story through photographs.” - C.G.

“Brilliant images.” - R.B.

“Your work is inspiring, thought provoking, brave, beautiful - it is a joy to see what you have captured.” - J.S.

“Robyn, you have a way of capturing Baltimore at its best! Beautiful pictures.” - B.L.

“Ya make me miss my weird and wonderful hometown even more, Hon.” - S.G.

“Thank you for your work and dedication.” - C.B.

“Your talent, dedication, bravery, and eye for justice helped make these [Insurrection] verdicts happen.” - J.S.

“Thank you for doing this important work.” - S.L.

“I love your wall mural shots.” - R.N.

“I love your posts. It’s a daily dose of eye candy!” - J.S.

“This is awesome! It’s a nice reminder that our city is not all bad. We have many wonderful things to be proud of.” - W.P.

“What a powerful series, Robyn. Absolutely heart wrenching!” - B.M.

“You are unbelievable. I have always admired your strength and courage.” - P.F.

“Thank you for going and documenting this awful day.” - R.B.

“Keep the photos coming. They are making an important statement!” - S.B.

“This is beautiful but painful. Thank you for being there to document this.” - P.K.

“You deserve a contract with Visit Baltimore!” - A.P.

“All I have to say is WOW! Very moving.” - C.P.

“So glad you were there to capture this important event!” - W.P.

And more ….

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